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My points haven't appeared yet. What gives?

TFL don't publish your journey history on their site until 48 hours after the journey occurred. Because this is where we get our data, we have to wait until it appears. Often this takes TFL longer than 48 hours, so as a precaution Chromaroma has a delay of 72 hours meaning that Monday’s points will come through on Thursday. We’d love it to be faster, and have our fingers crossed for the future of TFL’s Journey History delivery.

OK, it's been more than 48 hours - why do I still have no points?

The first thing to check is your Journey History by logging into your Oyster account at tfl.gov.uk/oyster and clicking on ‘Journey History’. This page should tell you whether or not your card is set up correctly. If the problem is there, contact TFL on 0845 330 9876. TFL are really very good at solving problems at their end.

I've checked my Oyster card, and it is set up properly with TFL. What now?

If you can see your journeys at your TFL Oyster page, check your Oyster card number, username, and password on your Chromaroma Account page. If that’s all correct, get in touch.

Remember, your Journey History appears 72-hours after the actual journeys, so bear this in mind when checking for Chromaroma points!

What is the difference between Auto Top Up and Credit?

Auto Top-Up is when your Oyster card automatically tops itself up to a specified amount, when the amount of credit it carries drops below £5. Don’t worry though, no matter how much you travel in a day, you won’t spend more than the cost of an equivalent day pass.

I have a Travelcard/Season Ticket and it’s stopped working with Chromaroma. What’s going on?

Currently there is no Journey History made available for Chromaroma to see on a standard Travelcard. However, if you add an Oyster Extension Permit (OEP), that seems to work. Be careful though - if you fail to touch out of a station, or if you travel outside the zones specified on your card, the OEP will be cancelled and you’ll have to reactivate it manually.

I swiped out and then in again at a station to complete a mission/collection - how come it’s not completed?

Swiping out and then in again (or vice versa) within a couple of minutes will cancel that swipe with TFL. The reason for this is to save you being charged for a journey you didn’t take. Unfortunately that means no points or completed missions. So make sure you spend a little time taking a look around, it’s all part of the journey.

Why do some things take so long to load?

If you’re viewing a page or a visualisation for the first time on a particular day, then that will be when the game has to pull all of the data and scores in to show you. There’s a lot for the game to do, so sometimes this takes more than a few seconds, but it should never ever be for longer than a minute. Rest assured, we’re constantly tweaking things to make the game run faster.

How come I can’t see my bus journeys in the visualisation?

It’s a little more difficult for us to show bus journeys at the moment since they are more complex than tube or bike journeys (where there are known start and end points to the journey). Bear with us, and we’ll have it figured out soon.