Five Dating Tips for Women

If you and I are alike, then you have probably read a tonne of articles that provide dating tips for women. However, both of you and I found out pretty soon that those tips aren’t either practical or useful. At least not to us. In order to restore your faith in this kind of articles, I promise you that what you are about to read here is going to stay with you forever and help you build a lasting relationship. However, there is just one catch – you need to follow the advice you will read.

Why of all numbers have I chosen “five” dating tips for women?

First of all, out of numerous pieces of advice that you would like to get, this number proves to be enough to get you through any potential deal breaking situation that you might encounter in the beginning of a relationship.

Five dating tips for women which make a difference between being single and dating the right person.

1) When you are deciding on whether to date or not to date someone, make sure not to make too many compromises. Because if you do so, in a few months’ time, it will prove difficult to live with so many flaws in his character.

2) No sex for at least ten days of a relationship. It sounds corny and outdated. However, by observing this rule you will have time to learn more about him before anything major happens.

3) Don’t forget your friends. Try to find the time for them. Otherwise, you will appear as clingy and needy.

4) Go for a guy with a sense of humor. It’s the one who makes you smile so much that your stomach muscles ache.

5) His looks are important because you might end up forever with this guy.

I hope you will pay attention to these dating tips for women because they can turn around your love life.